This morning got off to a good start with the first two patients on the OR table and ready for surgery.  The first case was a two-year-old with a cleft palate.  She was shy and became even more uneasy when she saw the hats and masks of the surgical team.  Her palate was repaired and she arrived in the recovery room mad as a hornet, but soon calmed down as her pain medication took hold.

The second case involved a beautiful, smiling four-month-old with a cleft lip.  Now she has a beautifully repaired lip and will grow up without the stares, taunts and other degradation that children living with facial deformities often must endure.

These are just two cases of Rotaplast making a difference in the lives of children around the world.

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Gifted Hands

We are privileged to have two surgeons; Dr. Kevin Degnan and Dr. Eric Mariotti, on this mission that are new to Rotaplast. These two doctors have brought a wealth of experience in plastic surgery to this mission.  They, along with the master, Dr. Angelo Capozzi, work miracles on children with facial and other deformities. Dr. Capozzi has been able to coach them in the special techniques that are associated with cleft lip and palate repair.  These three surgeons can best be described as having gifted hands. They are sharing this wonderful gift with the children of Bangladesh.