It’s Sunday, typically the day off for the team; however, due to some delays earlier in the week, the team decided to work today so that the schedule could be fulfilled. Good team.

The surgery schedule today includes cleft lips and palates, a burn contracture release and a toe amputation. It will be a full day.

Dr. Bryan Stamm, the team’s lead pediatrician, says he “loves day four” because, by this time, everyone knows their jobs and things run smoothly. He’s right. The team has really solidified.


Beautiful Resemblance

Dr. Helen O’Keeffe, the teams lead anesthesiologist, shared a wonderful experience that happened to her. While meeting with a two-year-old patient, scheduled to have surgery on his deformed ears, the father of the child observed Dr. O’Keeffe’s cell phone. He inquired of Dr. O’Keeffe as to why she had a picture of his son on her phone. Dr. O’Keeffe replied that it was not a picture of his son, but rather of her grandson who was about the same age. Together they looked and saw that there was a stunning resemblance between the two, almost like twins. When the father saw this, he began to weep. He realized that Dr. O’Keeffe, and the rest of the Rotaplast team, saw his son as an individual, not a number.


Sunday School

We have several medical students from the Sylhet Women’s Medical College, assisting with the mission. They serve as translators and assist wherever they are needed. They are very anxious to learn and ask our medical team personnel a lot of questions. They are good partners in the mission.

Today, Dr. Bryan Stamm, the team’s lead pediatrician, held a seminar for the students. Nine students gathered with Dr. Stamm while he lectured and entertained questions on circulatory, respiratory and other issues that can cause patients to fail during post anesthesia. It was well received by the students.