We have arrived!

Our Hospital here in Naypitaw is very large with more than 1,000 beds. Located in an isolated compound, nestled on lush tree lined streets. The surgical center where we will do our magic is situated in the middle of the twenty plus ward buildings. Our patients will stay in these open air wards.

There are many children in need of free surgery. More children with unrepaired cleft lips than I can remember on any past mission. Hopefully, we will not leave any children behind when we leave. Pre-clinic where we meet the children started off slowly, with maybe 20 patients waiting, but each time I looked up there were more and more. We will be working hard to make sure no child is left behind. It is what we do.

Soon she will have a new outlook on life.

There is a strong sense of family that transcends any language or cultural boundaries.

I am not sure there is any force of nature stronger than the bond between parent and child.

The children came from all over Myanmar

There were plenty of fathers too.