A Rotaplast team is always a newsworthy event.

Medical director and co-founder of Rotaplast Dr. Angelo Capozzi is interviewed by the local news station.

It takes a lot of team work to accomplish a successful mission repairing cleft lips and palates, but we have the team that will insure a successful outcome.

Nurse Kim Quintero gently checks a patient.

Dr. O’Keeffe Vajk reviews a patients x-ray with an experienced eye.

Always a favorite of the children nurse Nan Madden N.P. keeps this boy amused while checking his vital signs.

Everyone wants to be a star! Behind the little girl with the Minnie mouse ears (thank you Victoria!) is mission director Dennis Bourassa, and head nurse Maryann McKenzie to his right.

Dr. Schepel evaluates this lad prior to surgery. Dr. Schepel, a plastic surgeon traveled from the Netherlands to join our mission.

There will be more photos of our team members in future blogs, so please continue to follow the Rotaplast blog.