Our daily commute is about twenty minutes each way, and there generally is not a lot of traffic. Normally very uneventful, until today when a herd of water buffalo decided they wanted to cross the road, and no I don’t know why they wanted to cross, but at about 1,000 pounds each they have the right of way.

In addition to lip and palate work our surgeons have done complex  hand surgery for a number of children.

The recovery room with all three beds occupied.

After six days of surgery the team functions smoothly and efficiently. The focus remains on the patients, their outcome, and well-being. In the foreground is Nurse Kim Quintero, with lead pediatrician Carlos Botas standing, and Nurse Ligaya Agustin sitting to the left of Carlos.

Two exceptional pediatric team members are Dr. Kathy Gallagher and Nan Madden NP. They are both veterans of multiple Rotaplast missions.

Why we volunteer !