On our last two days of surgery we saw 12 patients, some with multiple procedures. Our team has really gotten into the groove of working together. These past two days have gone extremely smoothly.

Josue is a nine year old with Syndactyly, his index and middle finger on one hand is webbed.

Kids at school make fun of him for his webbed finger and call him “dinosaur hand.” For this reason he often hides his hand when he is out in public.

Josue was such a bundle of joy to have in the hospital. He made friends with both the staff and other children. The environment on the ward was amazing, many of these children made friends with other children with similar medical issues. Some of the patients with clefts and other physical malformations often feel alienated. The environment in the hospital these past two weeks created a very special place where these children were able to be amongst a group of people who had similar life experiences.

Yoscelin Andrea is 22 years old, has a 2.5 year old child and is a mechanic. Because of her gender and facial malformations she has trouble getting jobs. We were able to repair her two palatal fistulas and perform a rhinoplasty. Yoscelin and her mother were extremely grateful, and formed a strong bond with our team. We will all miss her enthusiasm and spunk!

Mildred is three years old and was brought in by her grandmother for a palatal fistula repair. She was born in a Prison and lived there with her mother for the first two years of her life. For the last year and a half she has been living with her grandmother. This little girl has already endured some emotionally intense situations, yet she was extremely playful and happy throughout her stay in the hospital.

Misael, resting after his cleft palate repair.

Waiting for surgery to begin.

Sterilizers and one of our lovely OR nurses Reina. (below)

Me and the nursing staff from the ward. We are so sad to leave these amazing, hard working women. They have truly set the bar high for their level of care for their patients. 


Adios APROFAM, we will miss you!