Dr. Jim Hoyt from Modesto, CA meets with one of his patients and his Mom. On closing clinic day each surgeon has a chance to check their patients one by one, give last time advice to parents on any followup care that might be needed, explain what might be needed for possible future surgeries, and receive the “thanks so much doctor ” as well as last time hugs from both parents and patients.Heidi Hall, from Pleasanton, CA Rotary Club, says goodbye to one of her patients and her parents. Heidi, as our Recreation Therapist, entertained children while they were in the “pre-op” room waiting for their opportunity for life changing surgery.Theresa Rezendes, non-medical volunteer Rotarian from District 7930 in Boston which sponsored our mission. Theresa was an assistant in the PACU (post anesthesia care unit). These two sisters are still accompanied by their father as their mom is still working in Malaysia.Debbie Dean, OR nurse from Lodi, CA, Dr. Alain Senerpida, Plastic Surgeon from Cebu, and Tracy Liu, PACU nurse from Oakland, CA communicate with their patient with the help of one of the local Rotaract volunteers interpreting. As patients and their parents pass through the closing clinic area they have a chance to see where the Rotaplast team members come from. Twenty-six team members from the USA (including Hawaii) and Cebu, Philippines. Many have never seen a USA map and are surprised to see how far California is from Florida!