Reicha Torian has just had her cleft palate repaired. She is 6 years old. Reicha’s sister, Reggine who is 9 years old, also had her cleft palate repaired, just a few hours after her sister. Dad is here with his daughters while Mom is working in Hong Kong. Both are doing well and will probably be able to go home tomorrow.

This is Alko Babante pictured her with Anton Florendo. Alko is 9 years old and not new to Rotaplast Cebu. He was the 1000th patient to have surgery with the Rotaplast-Rotary Club of Port Center partnership in 2015. At that time Alko had both his cleft lip and cleft palate repaired.

Here on the 15th Cebu Rotaplast mission Alko has had his cleft lip revised. Here is Alko, one day after surgery.

This is Xyriel Licardo, 4 years old with his repaired lip and palate. Xyriel lives with his grand parents who accompanied him. The family lives in Leyte which is on another island-4 hours by boat followed by 2 hrs by car, then 30 minutes out of town. Pictured here you see Xyriel’s mother seeing his new face for the first time-on face time-because she works in Penang, Malaysia as a hotel receptionist.

Xyriel is one of 61 children who have been brought to Miller hospital for surgery by Abounding In Love. Abounding in Love is a Christian non-profit organization headquartered in Grand Rapids , Michigan. Their mission is to help Filipino impoverished children with cleft lips and/or palates to receive the help they need to live better lives. From all over the greater Cebu area they provide screening, transportation, lodging, and healthy food for both the children and their families while in Cebu.

The mission of Rotaplast is to Save smiles and change lives. This young boy who has just received surgical repair of his cleft lip and cleft palate is not smiling yet-but his happy parents sure are!