Anisha doesn’t speak well, but she talks to us with her eyes

Mostly all our patients and their families are the poorest from Bangladesh. I spoke to the local Rotarians and they explained that they are so happy we are here. With the support of the Rotarians we have a smooth stay. Their spare time is offered to support us unconditionally!

This makes the operation on Anisha more special as it already is.

Anisha was operated before, but the repair failed. She has a cleft palate, a bilateral cleft lip and a disorder as you might have seen. How will she react when she leaves her mother? Does she trust us or would she be very frightened?

When she was brought into the OR, she did so well. No fear was in her eyes. She observed our doctors and the surroundings. She undertook the procedures as a perfect patient. And why wouldn’t she. We could tell she trusted us, for doing the right thing. We are proud of her and the results we made. Her life will be a lot easier.

These achievements are precious to us.