This mission (and probably every mission) is one of a kind. The circumstances are changing moment to moment. But with a flexible team each situation works out. Most importantly our support and leadership is with Randall Floyd as Mission Director and Sibrand Schepel as Medical Director an experienced Plastic Surgeon.
With Kim Capps as the Head Nurse we have a talent and oversight which guide us through the clinics and operating days. She provides patient procedures and operating planning during those days.
Gerard van Dalen is our Quartermaster. He arranges everything from storage of the medical materials to general support during surgery days for needed supplies.
Before and after care for the patients and their stay are taken care of by Agnes Wolfskamp. She is the Ward Coördinator. She is a steady coördinator who is persistent in the workaround of the Ward and compliance of the rules. When ready for or after an operation Carry van Delden will escort patients and parents between the Ward and OR. She is the trustworthy and friendly nurse who reassures the patients.
In the meantime patients must be healthy before operating. Waiting is difficult for them, that’s why we are blessed with our Recreation Therapist Dave Sanders. He let’s them forget that they are thirsty and won’t let them be bored.
Our Lead Anesthesiologist Bridgett Payne takes the responsibility of the goings on in the OR. She satellites between the operating tables and coordinates the other Anesthesiologists Mark Symns and Pieter van Delden.
The second Plastic Surgeon is our Anne Delaney. She is a gifted surgeon who gets precise plastic surgery on cleft lips and palates and the burden of burn scarring. In the case of clean and complete operating equipment, Marie-José is sterilizing all of those. The precise work that goes with that is totally trusted to her.
In the OR we have our OR nurses Lois Borie and Jeanne Kille. They are thoroughly supportive during operations.
The first ones the patients will see out of surgery are our Lead PACU Nurse Ligaya Agustin and PACU Nurse Marilyn Perkins. Wouldn’t you wake up with a smile? 🙂
In the stage before and after operating a pediatrician checks the state of every patient and makes certain they have taken their needed medication. Our beloved pediatrician is René Vreuls. With his good presence and sophisticated manners he is also the communicator for complex cases.
It all comes together with the Head Medical Recordkeeper Hans Adolfsen. He is punctual and the oracle of the mission. Ask him anything and he gets the data from his ‘Wiki-admin-mediclopedia’.  🙂
For me, Ruben Veldman, your Photojournalist/Floater, I just put letters in a certain order and hope they will support the photographs.