Daksh’s initial cleft lip repair needed improvement.  He is hanging out in the PACU before surgery with some new friends:  Michael Lim (Anesthesiologist), Jeannie Petro (PACU Nurse), Lianna Hooper (OR Nurse), and Paula Fillari (Lead PACU Nurse).

After surgery, Jeannie checks his IV and monitors vital signs, as Daksh watches.  Curious, he quietly observed everything we did.

Daksh comes to say thank you and goodbye to all his new friends before going home.  He and Abha Goel (Pediatrician) have their picture taken together.

Saloni with Dr Goel during afternoon screening clinic.  She was born with her fingers not separated.  Surgery will be done to separate her thumbs from the rest of her hands.

Saloni with her grandmother in PACU before surgery.

Saloni’s grandmother and mom take care of her in the ward after surgery.

Meanwhile, while surgeries continue in the operating room, other team members keep the mission moving along.  Alok Kumar (In Country Escort) and Paul Kupras (Quartermaster) discuss logistics for the day.

Marguerite Fleming takes a break from writing the blog to take vital signs on patients during an afternoon screening clinic.  Suresh Pahwa (Medical Records) interprets for us.

Brian Walker (Mission Director), Suresh Pahwa, and Rahul Wadhwa (our Rotary Host) take a moment from their work for a photo.

Lianna Hooper (OR Nurse), Steve Hooper (Sterilizer) and Pam Dundas (Head Nurse) together in the operating room.  Old friends, Lianna and Pam met in 1986.   A couple years later, Lianna joined Pam as a nurse in Dennis Dundas’ plastic surgery practice for 18 years.  This is Steve’s first mission, having stayed home with the kids for about twenty years while Lianna traveled with Rotaplast.  The Hooper’s moved away a few years ago, so these good friends are delighted to be here working together on this Rotaplast misison.