Shaurya after a revision of his cleft lip repair, releasing scar tissue to allow for proper lip function and a better smile.

Khushi and her mom are in the PACU before her surgery to release facial burn scars.  Keeping them company are  Sophie Saucedo (Patient Transporter) and Renee Paquier (PACU Assistant).

Janvi after surgery with her mom and Paula Fillari (Head PACU Nurse).  Her hand is bandaged to protect her IV catheter.

Janvi up on the ward — Everything’s better with chocolate!

Reena finally gives Bryan Stamm (Lead Pediatrician) a smile after surgery as she is leaving PACU.  She is headed up to the ward for the evening, after surgery to correct an incomplete cleft involving her nose.

Ghazel before revision of a scar on her face caused by an accident.

Ghazel after surgery.

Sheenu resting with his mom in the PACU after removal of a hemangianoma from his upper lip.

Devi Tantri (Surgeon) doing a dressing change on a patient while Michael Lim (Anesthesiologist) provides sedation for the procedure.  Lianna Hooper (OR Nurse) assists.

Sharron Newton packing instruments after all the dressing changes on burn patients were completed today.

Brian Walker (Mission Director) and Steve Hooper (Sterilizer) packing up boxes for the trip back home.