After much anticipation, surgery begins!  Our first patient, Sha hitches a ride from Head Nurse Sandra Swiatek, of Pennsylvania, into the OR…

Nishu travelled 5 hours by bus to have plastic surgery tomorrow.

This lovely young lady is 13 years old, very sweet and very smart.

Nishu’s hands – she will see Dr. Ron Worland of Oregon tomorrow -stay tuned!

OR Nurse, David Sparks, of Anchorage, Alaska, comforts a patient.

First dentist visit! For many patients seen by Dr. Melissa Rinck of Novato California, Past President of Rotary Club of Ignacio, this was their first dental visit.

Sukhi will see Dr. Milton Solis of Guatemala, for a unilateral cleft lip repair.

This was a very busy day and we are grateful to all the local Rotaracters for their interpretation skills – many attend the local university and speak English quite well!  They are very helpful!  A long and rewarding day!