Dr. Ron Gemberling of El Granada, CA, led the day’s first surgery with a cleft palate procedure.  Dr. Gemberling is an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, Stanford University; he is a member of Rotary Club of Saratoga.  This is Ron’s 26th Rotaplast mission trip!

Dr. Milton Solis, has been on 34 Rotaplast missions!!!  He attended the University of San Carlos and University of Guadalajara; he is a former President of the Guatemalan Association of Plastic Surgery.  Today he performed a cleft lip surgery.

Elizabeth Delappe-Seslar performs a hemoglobin test on a patient

Janell Aguirre and Sophia Yi, Anesthesiologists from Sacramento; working at UC Davis Medical Center.  They are both chipper, professional and lots of fun to serve with.

Dr. Ronald Worland of Medford, OR, serving as our Medical Director, removes extra digits during this morning’s surgery.  He performed a skin graft for this patient by harvesting skin from the removed digit. Dr. Worland received his medical degree from University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.  Dr. Worland belongs to the Rotary Club of Medford Rogue Rotary.  He has been on at least 10 Rotaplast missions; thank you, Ron!

Simon Rio using the Autoclave to sterilize equipment for the surgeons and dentist. Simon Rios lives in Fortuna, CA; he belongs to the Rotary Club of Fortuna Sunrise and his wife belongs to the Rotary Club of Fortuna. Simon is a graphic artist, teaches art at his local high school, and is a mobile DJ!  A man of many talents, he is always willing to jump in and help wherever needed.

Sukhi looks great after a day of rest and recovery following her surgery!

Nishu, from day one of surgery, is recovering comfortably with her mom.  She is thankful for Rotaplast and wants to be a doctor!  I have no doubt this lovely young lady will achieve anything she put her mind to!

Elizabeth Delappe-Seslar of Petaluma CA and Melanie Buoncristiani of San Rafael, CA, tend to a patient after surgery in the PACU.  These ladies, along with PACU nurse Bruce Hickey of Lodi, CA, work tirelessly to comfort patients following surgery.

Bruce Hickey tends to a patient following surgery relieving constricted movement due to a severe burn.

Dr. Kathy Gallagher of Walnut Creek works with Rotaracter Abid to communicate to our next surgical patient.  The local Rotaract Clubs have been most helpful with interpretation skills and our team is thankful!!!

The Rotary Club of Agrabad and their sponsored Rotaract Club give warm winter blankets to each patient. Rotary Club of Ignacio, a mission sponsor, gives a toy to patients; they also receive handmade quilts.

More information to follow on a family with three members receiving treatment!