I met the most adorable boy, Mohammad who is 8 years old.  Mohammad had an accident about 13 months ago, he tripped and fell into a pot of hot cooking oil.  Most families living in rural areas cook their food over a low open flame campfire, and because of this practice accidents like this occur frequently.  Mohammad has not been able to close his mouth for over a year.  Think of what this surgery means for him; his mom has been feeding him mashed food for a year that he can easily swallow.  His family traveled 2 hours to bring him to the Rotaplast plastic surgery event.

Dr. Milton Solis performed Mohammad’s surgery to relieve the neck contracture. Mohammad is recovering in comfort with his mom in the ward. Mohammad is pictured here with gifts from the Rotaplast team.  His mom plans to return next year to relieve the contracture of his right arm and the team looks forward to seeing him!!!

Closing with street scenes!