Our team says goodbye to our patients, Rotary and Rotaract partners.

Meet more of our team volunteers –

Brian Walker, our Mission Director and Quartermaster – Brian made this difficult job look easy!  He knows where every piece of equipment is and if he doesn’t have it readily available, he goes and gets it.  He gave a very moving speech at the Rotary closing ceremony.  Brian is a member of the Rotary Club of Garberville and has been serving on Rotaplast missions for over 25 years.  He is quite remarkable.

Head nurse Sandy Swiatek has a calming affect on patients and volunteers – she sets the schedule and keeps to it!

Michelle Rinck, our Medical Records Keeper worked tirelessly with Head Nurse Sandy.

Our three fine surgeons; Drs. Milton Solis, Ron Gemberling and Ron Worland – wonderful people!

Anesthesiologists Michael Johnston and Janell Aguirre.

David Sparks, OR Nurse and Sandy.

Dr. Kathy Gallagher, Lead Pediatrician with Dr. Worland and Dr. Moore.

Dr. Gemberling with Dr. Yi and Nurse Susan Dean.

Local Rotarians, Rotaracters and some of our team members.

What a wonderful experience this mission has been with so many giving, caring people.  Taking a break from our daily routine to help others is fulfilling and empowering, it builds strong relationships and gives one a sense of purpose.  It also puts things into perspective and gives one a sense of self-awareness.  If you have a chance to serve or donate, take the next step toward doing so.  Be part of something bigger than yourself, it makes a difference.