Hola! Today we accomplished eight surgeries. Most of our patients are older children or young adults and several are having secondary surgeries.

Several young women who work for a government agency went out to many remote villages months ago and posted signs in offices, stores, and other public places to notify and ‘recruit’ for the opportunity for free surgery. Many but not all these families can be less fortunate economically or the village is so remote that health care is difficult to obtain. We have seen over 100 that have met the eligibility requirements of the government and were screened for their health and suitability for treatment.

Today I’m going to catch you up on a few photos. On day three, I waxed on about Susan Whitaker, the endoscope which Redding West Rotary Club donated to Rotaplast, and Cesar Restrepo that worked with the team to create a speech bulb.

There are always many unseen but invaluable people in a group who are making something great happen. Ours is Dr. Fred Frye, our sterilization master. I know he’s a master because outside of this mission he is a veterinarian in San Rafael, CA, specializing in dogs and cats. He performs animal surgery and therefore is accustomed to and trained for proper washing and sterilizing of specialized and costly surgical tools. He is in this tiny but well-lit (with a nice view of banana plantations) all day, doing what looks like washing dishes! Nevertheless, this extremely important! We miss you, Fred.

Some sweet photos for you:

Laura has become an expert in taking hemoglobin tests! Victoria has been doing some of the pregnancy tests (required for all girls over 12).

More tomorrow!