The team has returned after a relaxing day, ready to go.  

We have 3 bone grafts, several cleft palates, and several nasal fistula surgeries scheduled for today.  The protocol for patients and families require their admission the day before surgery, allowing the hospital medical staff to examine and monitor the patients through the night in a hospital setting.  

Gutterrez Algra, age 12, has a friendly, outgoing smile that lights up the room!  Born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate.  His father left at birth. While sick, at age 6, he developed an ear disease, lost hearing in his right ear, is now losing hearing in his left ear.  He lived with his mother’s parents until his mother remarried.  He did not receive care from birth until age 8.  Attended school for a short time at age 6.  His adopted grandmother has taught him to read and write at home and he also reads lips.  He now has a new family consisting of 20 cousins, 2 aunts, and 2 uncles.  

Algra’s surgery tomorrow will close his extreme, large palate.  Marlene Salas—Provance, our Speech Pathologist, will arrange an appointment with an audiologist and has recommended an auditory trainer, a device that increases impact of audio.


These patients above have been scheduled for their surgeries.


Recreational Therapist, Dale Green, entertains children while waiting for surgery.  More often than not, we find parents enjoying the same opportunity.  The kids play well together, enjoying the games and coloring books Dale has provided.



“The privilege of a life time is being who you are”

– Joseph Campbell