Today is the final day of surgery.  This morning the team was greeted with a full ward of post-op and pre-op patients.  Our schedule is filled with dressing changes that need to occur under anesthesia.Some families, such as Ruby’s family have been here the entire week.Mission Director Brian Walker sits with Ruby in recovery after her dressing was changed this morning.

Bhupendra was in good spirits this morning with his new lip and nose revision.  His family so very grateful for Rotaplast.Saloni, Ramu and Prem wait with Sangita for their turn for their bandages to be changes.  Prem shows off his new rub on “tattoo!”Baby Eliga was born 15 days ago.  Her father, Sakhir and Auntie Shana brought her to the hospital this morning from their home in Kashmeri Gate, an area which is predominately Muslim, hoping that Rotaplast may fix her cleft lip.   Local Rotarian, Rahul Wadhwa tells me that it was brave of them to leave the area to seek help.  The family heard of Rotaplast from a friend and trusts the care we provide.  Eliga is too young and too small for surgery.  Eliga is unable to breast feed due to her cleft so she is being feed goat milk which is not nutritious enough for her to grow to a healthy weight for a safe operation.Rahul Wadhwa  speaks with the family and offers to purchase a breast pump for the mother so that the baby can be fed breast milk.  The family will be contacted by Rahul when Rotaplast returns.At the end of a very successful surgical day, members of the team gather for a picture with the Unity Hospital Manager Manminder Singh.  Tomorrow we’ll conduct closing clinic to check our patient once more before we leave.