During the bus ride to the hospital, Drs. Bryan Stamm and Andrea May take the mic for a medical minute. Sangita Seshadri, medical records gives us a lesson in Hindi and Mission Director Brain Walker updates us all on the logistics of the day.  Today, as we traveled the roads of India, we discussed gratitude.  We all agreed that we are able to participate on this mission largely because of the support of our families, friends and co-workers at home who take care of things in our absence.  Thank you all!

Once the team arrives at the hospital, the doctors make their way to the fifth floor pre-op and post-op ward to clear the day’s patients for surgery and check and discharge those from previous days who are still here.Patient transporter, Jim Stone wheels five year old Aryan and his father to the surgical floor.  Dr. Karla Werninghaus operates to repair Aryan’s right oblique cleft along with excising skin tag below his right ear.

In OR two, Drs. Mark Fisher and Gary Salomon work on a patient’s neck contracture and skin graft.  Circulating nurse Marilyn Santiago, RN look on.Head nurse Maryann McKenzie, RN and OR circulating nurse Rashpail Basi, RN discuss patient chart information.