The 2019 Firozabad, India Rotaplast Team arrived at the Unity Hospital this morning rested and ready to set up the Opening Clinic.  Inside the hospital, 93 patients and their families waited throughout the steamy halls and lobbies to be seen by the team in hopes they or their child will receive a surgery sure to change the trajectory of their life.Surgeon Mark Fisher, Anesthesiologist Rolando Arroyo and Pediatrician Bryan Stamm examine a young child’s cleft palate.  Through the 110 degree temperature, ceiling fans whirled and the air conditioning fought to keep cool the vast area of the waiting room and small examine rooms.  With each brief power outage, the tepid air returned to high heat. Through it all,  the team evaluated cleft lips, palates and many  burn contractures.  After all patients were evaluated, medical director Dr. Karla Werninghaus and Head Nurse Maryanne McKenzie, RN spend the end of the day scheduling patients for their day in the OR. 

Families patiently waited the entire day to hear if they would be placed on the schedule.  In some, emotions and anxiety ran high as they envisioned what life would be after surgery.  Tomorrow, we begin the first day of operations.  And to some, the start of a new life.