Ruby’s family stayed by her side throughout the night.  Her husband, Dinesh holds their three year old son while Ruby rests on the bed with the baby.

Through her pain and discomfort, Ruby breast feeds her baby.  Throughout her ordeal, Ruby has shown such strength and courage.  Ruby’s bandage on her neck will be changed on Friday, our last day.Priyanka, 18 waited most of the day for her surgery yesterday to fix a scar on her right cheek.  To pass the time, she sketched pictures for the younger children to color on the ward.  She also created a beautiful work of art for PACU assistant, Heather Bilodeau.Alok has been helping the team from the beginning.  He is our guide, translator, and person we all go too if we need anything.  Here, Alok holds a Priyanka’s IV bottle as Jane Luey, RN adjusts the IV on her arm.This morning Priyanka was in good spirits with her mother by her side.

Anishka’s mother holds her child after the pediatricians re-taped her bandage.

OR circulating nurse Marilyn Santiago carries a baby into surgery for a cleft lip repair.