Good morning! Lets take a moment now to meet the rest of the Rotaplast team- အသင်းအဖွဲ့ (aasainnaahpwal) Rotaplast in Burmese . In a previous post, you met lead pediatrician Dr. Brian Stamm and Dr. Rene Clement Vreuls, you also met Sofya Kats, our ward coordinator, Mary Ann Avnet, our recreational therapist, Paul Krupas our patient transporter, and the PACU team, lead PACU nurse Paula Fillari, PACU Nurse Dennis Kneepel, and PACU assistant Carolyn Hino-Bourassa.

Now lets meet our Mission Director Tom Fox, followed by our medical director Dr. Dennis Dundas, lead anesthesiologist Dr. Puya Hosseini, and head nurse James Gallaway. Next we have our surgeons, Dr. James Hoyt, Dr. David Morwood and Dr. Sib Schepel. After that we will meet the rest of our anesthesia team, Dr. Fayzel Lee, Dr. Kevin Healy and Nurse Anesthetist Matthew Park. Then we will meet our OR nurses, Evelyn Snyder, Pamela Dundas and Paulette McHugh.

In the next post, we will meet the rest of our team members! So stayed tuned!