Today we learned the power of Facebook and social media. So the word of the day is လူမှုမီဒီယာ (luumhu medeyar) or social media. Many people of Myanmar used social media, such as Facebook to stay connected. We saw the power of this social media connection today when our General Hospital liaison and translator, Nurse Shwe Yee Thin posted on her Facebook page that our team was at General Hospital Nay Pwe Tay for a mission. Within 24 hours, her message was shared over a 182 times and we saw more than 20 new patients thanks to her post!! We are extremely grateful to Nurse Shwe Yee Thin for always going above and beyond to help out our mission and to spread the word about Rotaplast throughout the country. This is Nurse Shwe Yee Thin second time working with Rotaplast and as always we are grateful for her efforts.