The theme today is transformation or အသွင်ပြောင်း – aaswinpyaungg in Burmese. As you will see in the pictures below, our Rotaplast team is helping to transform lives and help create beautiful smiles! Our day starts out with our pediatricians, Rene and Brian, checking in on the patients that are scheduled for operations and our ward coordinator Sofya double checking all of the information in their file to be sure that it is accurate. Next, our recreational therapist, Mary Ann, helps the patients stay calm, relaxed and happy before surgery by playing games, making puzzles and giving them a special stuffed animal. Then our transporter, Paul, brings them over to the pre-op waiting area where each patient is greeted by the Rotaplast staff and gifted a blanket made by Wrap-a-Smile International Quilters. Patients are then transported to the operating room where they are greeted by the OR team and prepped for surgery. After their operation, patients are brought to the PACU (post-anthesia care unit) where they are lovingly cared for by lead PACU nurse Paula, Nurse Dennis and PACU assistant Carolyn. We will meet more of our amazing team in the next post.