We are almost done with our mission and our stay here in Myanmar. We have made some incredible memories, met the most beautiful people, and helped to change the lives of our patients.  The word of the day, is smile- ပွုံးရယျ (pwone r yya), because when I think of our time here in Myanmar and of our patients, I can’t help but smile and be extremely thankful for it all.

The pictures below are from our last clinic day. The last clinic day is for all of the patients that we have operated on to return and be seen by their doctor. It is also a time for the Rotaplast team to revisit with the special people we have connected with over the last two weeks. I am sure that you will see many familiar faces and smiles in this post from patients you have meet during our stay here, such as Yadana, Line, Htet, Khit and many more. The next post will unfortunately be our last for this mission. But until then, I hope you enjoy these pictures.