“Clinic Day”, our last day on the mission, is where patients come back for follow-up medical appointments post-surgery. As access to health care in developing countries is minimal, patients ensure they don’t miss this appointment. This is an opportunity for the doctor to assess the patient’s current medical condition post-surgery and it is also an opportunity for the patient to obtain overall nutritional and medical advice, something we take for granted.  The doctors and surgeons can also provide rehabilitation and/or speech therapy exercises as required.

Our young patients 3 year old Sonan and her sister 2 year old Adeti seen below are finally released from the hospital.

Sonan’s left hand.  The first time with all four fingers.

Adeti’s right hand. Still lots of healing left.

One of the Rotaplast volunteers brought some Hand Therapy putty (Theraputty) with hand therapy exercises. Theraputty exercises, along with frequent physician visits,  will help these girls gain full movement of their fingers.

And other patients who have captured our hearts:

Clinic day is a bitter sweet day for all of us.  We get to see the patients and their families one more time, yet we also have to say goodbye.

6 month old Davani

Some fun team photos:

A smile has no value to anyone until it is given away. The Rotaplast team gives patients their own smiles to give away.  And the Rotaplast team,  seen below, has smiles of their own to give away.

Donn, the mission historian, going cross-eyed (and a little crazy) after taking hundreds of photos.

Local volunteer with nurses Liz and Tami.

Mission Director Ted.

Dr. Brad happy to see Sonan and Adeti post surgery.

Rey with local student volunteer

Narnaul Rotarian Paras with a family post surgery, all smiles.

Head Nurse Sandra with local Delhi Rotarian Gaurav.

Rotarian Kevin with local Rotarian.

Nurse Lagaya in blue with local nurse volunteers.

Lives transformed. Forever friendships made. Memories cherished.

Until next mission…….