The volunteers gather at the Unity Hospital steps to commemorate the team of Rotaplast volunteers as well as the local Rotarian who is helping us so much Rahul Wadhwa.


Pre-Clinic is the day where potential patients come to the clinic and are screened by a team of surgeons, anesthesiologists and pediatricians to determine if the services provided by Rotaplast would help the prospective patient.  Today the medical staff screened approximately 140 people.

The first step in this process is to make a file and gather information about the patient.  Below is a picture of the intrepid team that kept the processing of so many people moving smoothly:  Top is Mary Ann Avnet who is charged with keeping the medical records.  A very big job!  During Pre-Clinic, she was joined by Unity Hospital’s staff members, Farha, Mantsha, Madhy & Vishal.  Arzoo Salami who is officially the “Sterilizer” jumped in and provided invaluable help with translating to Hindi.  Thanks Arzoo.

After the files are created, photographs are taken of the Patient so that there is a clear record of the Patient’s identity in the medical records.  The trip Historian Janet Pancoast took the photos.

The picture goes in the file:

After the files are set up, the potential patient is first examined by a team of medical professionals, the surgeons, anesthesiologist and operating room nurse all consult on the patient’s issues and the appropriate course of action to be taken.   Below, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner examines a child to make sure she is able to undergo surgery.

Below, Nurse Merewyn Dixon-Beckett works on gathering the vital signs of a potential patient.

Below, Anesthesiologist Joe Anderson consults with a patient.

Below, Anesthesiologist Resident Jeffrey Tully, MD examines a little boy, while Surgeon Milton Solis, MD observes:

Anesthesiologist Bridgett Payne, MD examines a potential patient:

Maxillofacial Surgeon German Betancur, MD from Colombia closely examines a child to evaluate the proper method of treatment:

After the patients are identified for surgery, then a very intricate scheduling chart is prepared to make sure the resources are being maximized to the best extent possible. This is a collaborative process with all the medical staff with Head Nurse Jodelle Myhre, RN over-seeing this complicated process.  Below, OR Nurse Vickii Byrd, RN is assisting the tracking the scheduling process.

Tomorrow the surgeries begin . . . stay tuned for Surgery Day 1…..