A Letter to the Rotaplast Family –

When we started planning for a Rotaplast mission nearly thirty years ago, as a World Community Service Project of the Rotary Club of San Francisco, we never thought our dream would be so successful and take on a life of its own. What was to be a single mission to La Serena, Chile, became a Rotary movement that has produced 220 missions to 26 different countries. The results include life-changing surgery for over 20,000 patients, and the joy of service to others for so many volunteers.

We are so proud of the Rotaplast Family of individual Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, and Rotary Districts, medical and non-medical volunteers, along with our valued non Rotarian, donors and volunteers, all of whom have volunteered their time, talent, and treasure to make the world a better place. Our gratitude extends not only to those across the United States but to our many volunteers from around the world especially in our host countries. Many of you have become as dedicated as us in our work, and we are excited that the opportunity to serve has been extended to over 2,000 volunteers. We sincerely thank you all.

The Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately brought a temporary pause to our plans until international travel is feasible, and we can safely send surgical teams around the world again. We expect to return stronger and with renewed energy and enthusiasm to help thousands more have a better life. We ask for your prayers and good thoughts to make this possible. As you plan your charitable giving in the coming months, please remember Rotaplast International and the life changing work we do. We want to be ready to promptly send new missions once it is safe. In the meantime, God bless and take care.

Angelo Capozzi MD  and Peter Lagarias,
Co-Founders of Rotaplast