After breakfast the team trekked down the hill to the hospital for another day of surgery.  By now everyone was familiar with the local partners and things were really clicking.  Though the mission was much slower paced than what is experienced typically in Rotaplast, several surgeries were conducted throughout the day.

Paula Fillari, RN, an extremely experience and skilled critical care nurse, who has been with Rotaplast since its inception, remarked that she was learning from the local PACU personnel and was enjoying working alongside of them.  She had opportunity to teach them as well and demonstrated how to improvise when the hospital, that typically does not service children, had very little pediatric sized equipment and critical vital signs had to be obtained.

It was a joy to see Dr. Bryan Stamm, the team’s pediatrician, and Paul Fillari   working together with the local hospital staff to overcome some obstacles concerning medication and pain treatments.  Their diplomatic approach was indicative of the experience and commitment that they have towards serving children, no matter what part of the world they are in.

Dr. Bryan Stamm and Paula Fillari, RN tend to a patient in the PACU after surgery.

Dr. Marlene Salas-Provance, a highly experienced and skill speech pathologist, had opportunity to evaluate and to work with many patients and / or parents.  The patience and her attention to detail, showing illustrations and providing information on how parents can aid their children in gaining full speech function after their palate surgery was, again, a remarkable illustration of the competency and professionalism of the Rotaplast medical staff.  Dr. Salas-Provance also had opportunity to work with some children at the Casa Azul clinic, across town from the hospital.

Casa Azul treated the team to a Mexican BBQ for dinner.  The time of fellowship was equally as good as the wonderful Mexican food.