Several more surgeries were performed on this last day.

Dr. Delaney discusses surgeries with Dr. Ricardo Elizono, Casa Azul’s founder and president.

Perhaps one of the most under-rated, yet most valuable aspects of surgery is that of anesthesia.  On television and in the movies, the anesthesiologist sits idly behind the surgeon, seemingly playing no significant role in the surgical process.  The fact of the matter is, these are the medical professionals that keep people alive during surgery and assure that they will wake up healthy at the conclusion of the procedure.  The anesthesia members of the team were incredible.  Flexible, earnest, and caring, Drs. Fleming and Bakhtari and CRNP Rowen were consummate professionals.  Never rattled, they calmly performed their skills competently, professionally and in a quiet, unassuming manner.

Drs. Fleming and Bakhtari prepare a patient for anesthesia as local nurse, Dolce assists.

It was Rotaplast’s turn to play host.  A pizza dinner on the roof terrace of the hotel was provided for the Casa Azul volunteers and hospital staff.   It was a great time of food, fellowship, and goodbyes, as the team would be leaving the next morning.