After breakfast, several team members met with Dr. Elizondo to discuss the mission and future opportunities for Rotaplast to work with them.  He expressed thanks to the Rotaplast team for coming and assisting them on the mission.  In total, 36 patients had a total of 44 surgical procedures.  Those surgeries were divided between Dr. Tovar (Casa Azul) and the Rotaplast team.

While this was not a traditional Rotaplast mission, the opportunity to operate, even at a smaller scale, has set Rotaplast apart from most every other volunteer medical service organization around the world.  Despite Covid, Rotaplast has been able to carry out its function, with some slight adjustment, to continue to make children smile.

The team traveled together back to Dallas / Fort Worth and then split up to go separate ways.  Each member having gained a little more experience, making new friends, and being able to make a difference in the lives of children.  That’s what Rotaplast does.