2017 Sylhet, Bangladesh

Nov 1, 2017

Sylhet, Bangladesh 2017

Sylhet, Bangladesh

The mission has started! After a long flight and long hours waiting, the team finally meets. We came from all over the US via San Fransisco and then on to Dubai through Dacca, Bangladesh; in Dacca we met u... Read More »

Nov 1, 2017

Clinic – Sylhet, Bangladesh 2017

Sylhet, Bangladesh

Clinic Day A significant part of the team already knew each other from previous missions. It has been proven today that with an experienced team such as this one, there can be a good clinic under all circu... Read More »

Nov 2, 2017

Day One – Sylhet, Bangladesh 2017

Sylhet, Bangladesh

At  clinic this little fellow was super relaxed. He slept through the whole thing! That’s alright of course, but hopefully sleeping is even better now that he has had surgery. You probably can imagine t... Read More »

Nov 3, 2017

Day Two – Sylhet, Bangladesh 2017

Sylhet, Bangladesh

This mission (and probably every mission) is one of a kind. The circumstances are changing moment to moment. But with a flexible team each situation works out. Most importantly our support and leadership i... Read More »

Nov 5, 2017

Day Three – Sylhet, Bangladesh 2017

Sylhet, Bangladesh

Children who are scheduled for an operation sometimes have a long wait in the pre-operation ward. Their mothers, fathers or family are with them, but without food or water it is hard. Therefore, our Rotap... Read More »

Nov 6, 2017

Day Four and Five – Sylhet, Bangladesh 2017

Sylhet, Bangladesh

Yesterday Gagan Sabharwal (Plastic Surgeon) arrived from India and joined our team this morning in the hospital. We were prepared for a great day. We took our 360 camera into the OR and attached it to the ... Read More »

Nov 8, 2017

Day Six – Sylhet, Bangladesh 2017

Sylhet, Bangladesh

Anisha doesn’t speak well, but she talks to us with her eyes Mostly all our patients and their families are the poorest from Bangladesh. I spoke to the local Rotarians and they explained that they are so... Read More »

Nov 10, 2017

Day Seven – Sylhet, Bangladesh 2017

Sylhet, Bangladesh

Wow what a result! Watch how these operations make a difference for children. Their face changes completely. That’s what ‘Rotaplast’s saving smiles’ is all about. We have done abou... Read More »

Nov 11, 2017

Clinic – Sylhet, Bangladesh 2017

Sylhet, Bangladesh

The Rotaplast team has done a lot! And today it was clinic day. Some patients need to get a new dressing and some need to be seen by the doctors. In order to change some of the dressings, 8 patients neede... Read More »

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