Nov 27, 2022

Day 1- I haven’t seen you since….

Welcome to our blog. My name is Renee Paquier and I am your mission historian. This mission is located in Antigua, Guatemala. Antigua Guatemala or “Old Guatemala” is located in southern Guatemala. It w... Read More »

Nov 27, 2022

Day 2- Welcome Back Home

In the words of our host, Mr. Carlos Ramirez Portilla, “Welcome Back Home.” Thanks to the help of our local Rotary club host, Rotary Club Guatemala de la Asunción, the hospital was surrounded... Read More »

Nov 27, 2022
Nov 27, 2022

Day 3- K’extajik:Transformed


When we arrived this morning, I heard one of the parents use the word k’extajik. I asked one of the nurses what this meant and she explained to me that the mother speaks K’iche, the Mayan language ... Read More »

Nov 28, 2022

Day 4-part 1: Tiburón bebe: Baby shark


Good afternoon, we started our day in the post-op ward hanging out with our patients who had surgery yesterday. Our Recreation therapist, Cyndie George, entertained the children with baby shark, otherwise ... Read More »

Nov 28, 2022

Day 4-part 2: Memorable moments


  Great job today Team Rotaplast! Read More »

Nov 29, 2022

Day 5 part 1: Bendiciones-Blessings


Good morning and welcome back. Today we started day 3 of surgeries. By 7am, all areas of the hospital were busy either preparing our patients for surgery or helping them to recover from their operations ye... Read More »

Nov 29, 2022

Day 5-part 2: Loq’oq’ej:To love

In K’iche’ the word to love is loq’oq’ej and this is what we are all feeling on this beautiful day. Love for our host country and its beautiful people and loq’oq’ej and k’amowaj (to ... Read More »

Nov 30, 2022

Day 6: Meet Alejandro

Good morning! Its another beautiful day in Antigua, Guatemala. Today I would like you to meet Alejandro! We met Alejandro and his mom Marcella on our first clinic day. They drove two hours from Guatemala C... Read More »

Dec 1, 2022

Day 7: K’ak’ q’ij- New Day

It’s a new day. Another chance to discover And rediscover And make changes And enjoy life. A chance to reach out. A chance to hold on To the things that are dear. It’s a new day. Another opp... Read More »

Dec 2, 2022

Day 7: Part 2- Meet our sponsors: The Rotary Club of San Jose

According to, The Rotary Club of San Jose, located in San Jose, California, was founded on March 11, 1914. There are currently 420 members and the club is the 8th largest in the world. The Rot... Read More »

Dec 2, 2022

Day 8: Ch’uq-ib: Keeping Warm

In the last few days, you may have noticed our patients in bed or covered up in beautiful quilt, such as the ones below. These quilts were made for and donated by Wrap-A-Smile (a Rotary based organizatio... Read More »

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Jul 15, 2024

Dr. Maureen Valley, DMD, ...

San Francisco, California

SAN FRANCISCO – June 15, 2024 – Rotaplast International is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Maureen Valley, DMD, MPH, MS, as the new Director of Dental Services. Dr. Valley brings a wealth ... Read More »

Jun 24, 2024

Day 10 – Post-clini...

Kampala, Uganda

A Ugandan mother smiles proudly as she demonstrates the increased mobility of her daughter’s arm following surgery to correct a burn contracture. The successful procedure has brought newfound hope an... Read More »