2016 Lima, Peru

May 17, 2016

Lima, Peru 2016 – Day 1

Lima, Peru

Rotaplast arrives into Lima with many boxes of medical supplies. We visit the hospital on our first day for a tour and introductions. Patients already begin to arrive. The wonderful local Rotary hosts a lu... Read More »

May 18, 2016

Lima, Peru 2016 – Day 2 – Pre-Clinic

Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru 2016 Group Photo. What a great team, led by medical director Dr. Angelo Capozzi.Four-month-old Joaquin traveled from nearby Lima to have his cleft lip repaired by Rotaplast surgeons. Dr. Sam Mau... Read More »

May 19, 2016

Lima, Peru 2016 – Day 3

Lima, Peru

The first day of surgery begins. Baby Juaquin laughs with his mom before being taken to the Operation Room for surgery on his cleft lip.  Medical Director Dr. Angelo Capozzi performs Juaquin’s surge... Read More »

May 20, 2016

Lima, Peru 2016 – Day 4

Lima, Peru

Today an 8-month-old boy named Jersey will have his cleft lip repaired. He and his mother have traveled from 18 hours away from Jircan, Peru by bus to have his surgery. Dr. Capozzi examines Juaquin during ... Read More »

May 22, 2016

Lima, Peru 2016 – Day 5

Lima, Peru

Arianna is a bright 7-year-old who had her cleft palate repaired a couple of years ago.  Now she needs speech therapy, which Marlene explains to Arianna’s mom. Dr. Capozzi and Dr. Devi Tantri discus... Read More »

May 23, 2016

Lima, Peru 2016 – Day 6

Lima, Peru

A big smile from mission director Tom Fox first thing in the morning on Day 6 in Lima. Rotarians El Rimac, Elisa Gavidia de Levano and Carmen de Fernandez-Dainla have been nothing short of wonderful throug... Read More »

May 24, 2016

Lima, Peru 2016 – Day 7

Lima, Peru

Meet Yubi, a 20-month-old little girl who has come all the way to Lima from Incahuasi-Lambayeque, a remote village deep in Peru. The people in the district are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent... Read More »

May 25, 2016

Lima, Peru 2016 – Day 8

Lima, Peru

Dr. Capozzi pauses in thought during morning rounds as he visits each patient making sure their operations went well. Lead Pediatrician Dr. Greg Shay examines our newest patient’s cleft palate. Sara ... Read More »

May 27, 2016

Lima, Peru 2016 – Final Days

Lima, Peru

Dr. Edith Mamani cuts the cake as Rotaplast says goodbye and thank you to everyone at Hospital Loayza for all their help and hard work these last two weeks. To all the hospital medical, nursing and adminis... Read More »

May 28, 2016

Lima, Peru 2016 – El Rimac Farewell

Lima, Peru

Dr. Capozzi accepts his award with grace from Rotary Club El Rimac. Rotary Club El Rimac thanks Tom Fox, mission director. Dr. Margot Escobedo thanks Dr. Angelo Capozzi. Carlos Fernandez Davila with his lo... Read More »

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Apr 29, 2023

Day 11- Mission accomplis...

Medellin, Colombia

The Rotaplast team ready for the last day of work in Medellin. Anne DeLaney, Karla Werninghaus and David Morwood, our team of surgeons! Robert Karoukian, Salman Dasti, Blair Segsworth and Zak Martinez our ... Read More »

Apr 29, 2023

Day 10 Strength

Medellin, Colombia

Ferney and his beautiful mam. Moms are the force behind beautiful transformations. Goodbye Doctor Jorge we are going to miss you!!! By Jorge Espana, MD (Surgeon, Colombia) Hello dear friends. How proud to ... Read More »