2014 Cumana, Venezuela

Oct 29, 2014

Day 0 & 1: Travel Day

Cumana, Venezuela

Many of us from San Francisco traveling to Cumana, Venezuela arrived at 1 pm on Sunday October 26 at the San Francisco Airport. Other medical mission members were assembling at the Philadelphia Airport and... Read More »

Oct 30, 2014

Day 2: Clinic Day

Cumana, Venezuela

Up at 6 am for breakfast, bus to Hospital Julio Rodriguez for the new patient Clinic at 7 am. Our task for the day is to register and examine all waiting potential patients. We’ve been informed by ou... Read More »

Nov 1, 2014

Day 3: 1st Surgery Day

Cumana, Venezuela

This young lady was the first patient to register on Tuesday. She is 2.5 years old and needs to have a fistula repaired in her palate. It appears that the surgery was highly successful based upon the expre... Read More »

Nov 1, 2014

Day 4: 2nd Surgery Day

Cumana, Venezuela

Yesterday we did surgery on 15 patients and an additional 16 are planned for today. Our PACU (Peri-Anethesia Care Unit) is where patients are brought immediately after surgery for recovery from anethesia. ... Read More »

Nov 1, 2014

Day 6: 4th Surgery Day

Cumana, Venezuela

This 8-year-old girl underwent a revision of a bilateral cleft lip. The surgery was highly successful and her after surgery (only an hour after surgery) looks excellent. This surgery was performed by the D... Read More »

Nov 4, 2014

Day 8: 5th Surgery Day

Cumana, Venezuela

As of Saturday November 1 we have completed 58 surgeries. On Monday we performed an additional 16 surgeries for a total of 74. On Sunday the Rotaplast Team enjoyed a day off with a Cumana City tour and a B... Read More »

Nov 5, 2014

Day 9 : 6th Surgery Day

Cumana, Venezuela

This young man lives in a small village near Cumana, Venezuela and only recently heard about Rotaplast’s visit to Cumana. He arrived at the very end of our Clinic on Tuesday and was operated on today... Read More »

Nov 6, 2014

Day 10: 7th Surgery Day

Cumana, Venezuela

At the end of our 7th surgery day we had performed surgeries on 111 patients. November 6 will only be a partial day of surgery as we are preparing to have a final clinic of Friday morning and then depart Read More »

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