2017 Chittagong, Bangladesh

Jan 10, 2017

We have arrived safely in Chittagong!

Chittagong, Bangladesh

We have made it safely to Chittagong, Bangladesh! Thankfully after 20 hours of flying, 8 or so hours of “down time” and very little sleep for some in between we were welcomed with open arms and... Read More »

Jan 11, 2017

Day One: Registration and Pre-Op Clinic

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Our first day in the hospital was s very fast paced and exciting day! Hundreds of families came to us from all over Chittagong. Today we registered patients who would then go on to get evaluated by our tea... Read More »

Jan 12, 2017

Day Two: First Day of Surgeries

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Today was our first day of surgeries! Our team’s day started with a relatively quick set up, evaluation of patients and within hours we were operating on our patients. We completed 9 successful surge... Read More »

Jan 13, 2017

Day Three: Second Day of Surgeries/Our Medical Staff

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Day two of surgeries was a bit hectic for our team but we came together and completed 11 successful surgeries. Today our patients ranged in age from 4 months old to their late twenties. Watching our doctor... Read More »

Jan 14, 2017

Day Four: Third Day of Surgeries/Our Non-Medical Volunteers

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Day three of surgeries went well for our team with some wiggly but adorable little patients. Many patients were discharged to go home but will be back in a few days to meet with our doctors to do a follow Read More »

Jan 17, 2017

Day Five: Our Day Off

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Sunday was our day off to explore and experience Chittagong.  We were treated to a trip to the Chittagong ship breaking yard courtesy of our amazing Rotary hosts.  It was  simply breathtaking seeing the... Read More »

Jan 17, 2017

Day Six: Fourth Day of Surgeries

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Day four of surgeries went well for our team.  As each day passes we grow a little closer to the medical students and nurses from the hospital here in Chittagong.  We completed about 10 successful surger... Read More »

Jan 17, 2017

Day Seven: Fifth Day of Surgeries

Chittagong, Bangladesh

The children are the spirit of this mission. To see a smile on a child’s face when we walk into the Recovery Ward, to hear that sweet laugh when we play catch or tickle them, that is why we come. Read More »

Jan 18, 2017

Day Eight: Sixth Day of Surgery/The Local Volunteers in Chittagong

Chittagong, Bangladesh

We are beyond grateful to have the support and help of the Rotary Club of Agrabad, the Rotaract Clubs and the staff here at the Southern Medical College Hospital. Day after day they are here to help with t... Read More »

Jan 22, 2017

Days Nine and Ten: Last Day of Surgeries, Post-Op Clinic and Farewell Celebrations

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Our last day of surgeries helped our team accomplish our goal of 75 surgeries for this mission. It was surreal to think about leaving this beautiful place and the amazing people we have fallen in love with... Read More »

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