2016 Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Aug 10, 2016

Arrived at Naypyidaw, Myanmar

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

After 18 hours in the air we arrived at Yangon and gathered our 36 boxes and luggage in a bus for a 5 hour drive to Naypyitaw. Read More »

Aug 11, 2016

Set Up and First Clinic

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

When we arrived at the hospital patients were waiting for us. Over 100 patients were registered and seen by the nurses and doctors. Read More »

Aug 12, 2016

Meet Zini

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

This is Zini. She is 11 months old and youngest of 3 children. Her family lives about 70 miles from the hospital. Her mother was very pleased that they live in a house with wood floors and a bamboo ceilin... Read More »

Aug 13, 2016

Surgery Day 3

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Head Nurse, Carolyn Walchak, gets quilts ready to give to patients. Patient transporter, Larry Curtis, brings patients into surgery waiting room. Dr. Alex McCullloch, Dr. Iskra Ivanova and Carole McCullock... Read More »

Aug 15, 2016

It Takes Many Hands

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Orthodontist Rosario Mayro, DDS has been on more than 12 missions. She invites local dentists and orthodontists to come and observe cleft palate repairs. Her desire is to get the local orthodontists intere... Read More »

Aug 16, 2016

Deputy Director General Dr. Myat Wunna Soe Visited the Hospital Today

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Dr. Soe with Brian Walker, Mission Director, Dennis Kneeppel, Ward Coordinator, and Dr. Bryan Stamm, Lead Pediatrician, visit patients in the ward. Dr. Soe visiting recovery room and talking to PACU nurses... Read More »

Aug 17, 2016

Frank and Carolyn Walchak’s Last Mission

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Frank and Carolyn Walchak chose this mission to Naypyitaw, Myanmar to be their final one. They have been part of the Rotaplast medical family since 1999. Frank has served numerous times as a surgeon and Me... Read More »

Aug 18, 2016

Before and After

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Although a little sleepy, here is one of the many children we helped during this mission. Read More »

Aug 18, 2016


Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Dr. Zin Zin Thant, the head local anesthesiologist, took the team out dinner at the Shwesitaw restaurant with the local operating room nurses. The meal was a sit down buffet with all of the dinner items in... Read More »

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Jul 19, 2020

A Tribute to Terry Hodski...


Rotaplast lost a dear friend on May 29, 2020 with the passing of Terry (Hodskins) Fullum. It was Terry’s inspiration nearly 20 years ago that led to the founding of the project Wrap-A-Smile to provide qu... Read More »

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