2012 Cebu City, Philippines

Oct 10, 2012

The Journey to Cebu City, Philippines Begins…now.

Cebu City, Philippines

Almost all of the volunteers (except for our Hawaiian anesthesiologist, Michael) left for the Philippines from San Francisco, with a beautiful view to leave the country. Coming off the plane, we were warml... Read More »

Oct 12, 2012

Clinic Day: “Final Screening of Patients”

Cebu City, Philippines

Clinic Day: Easily the busiest, most hectic and heart-wrenching day of the mission. The Clinic took place at Sian Tian Temple in Banilad (Cebu City), a gorgeous location where, for most of the day, the sun... Read More »

Oct 16, 2012

A Walk Around the Rotaplast Ward

Cebu City, Philippines

The Rotaplast ward is run by our medical volunteers, who team up with local nurses from Vicente Sotto Hospital. Together, they do a fantastic job at tending to the pre-operation and post-operation patients... Read More »

Oct 19, 2012

“For Those Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected.”

Cebu City, Philippines

"When you look at what can be accomplished by this team in an hour or two, you begin to think where else can you have as tangible an impact not just on the life of a child, but on the Read More »

Nov 27, 2012

Cebu Surgery Days @ Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

Cebu City, Philippines

Mabuhay! Hooray for the beginning of surgeries at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City, Philippines.  Ron (Medical Director) who is always cool as a cucumber, reviews his notes before s... Read More »

Nov 27, 2012

The Reward In The End Is Priceless

Cebu City, Philippines

During the final day at Vicente Sotto we ran the post-clinic, where we have a follow-up with the 55 patients who received surgery during the nine operating days. All of our days had special and rewarding m... Read More »

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Feb 26, 2020

The Work Begins – Pre-C...

The volunteers gather at the Unity Hospital steps to commemorate the team of Rotaplast Volunteers as well as the local Rotarian who is helping us so much Rahul Wadhwa. Pre-Clinic is the day where potential... Read More »

Feb 25, 2020

And so the Mission begins...

First there is the gathering at San Francisco Airport.  Walking into the International Terminal near the Emirates desk the blue blazzerd and tan pants brigade gradually formed Sunday at 12:30 p.m. Thirty-... Read More »