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Apr 3, 2023

Day 12 – Post clinic part two

Agra, India

Another successful mission completed Of all the patients who have had surgery in the last few days, most are still being seen by the surgeons and nurses today. This is the second part of the post clinic. Bandages are changed

Mar 30, 2023
Rotaplast mission Agra India 2023 - post clinic

Day 11 – Post clinic part one

Agra, India

Today is our last day of the mission in Firozabad. This mission is mainly characterized by the many burns. Unfortunately, it still happens very often that children get burns in and around the house. The biggest cause is actually that

Mar 23, 2023
Rotaplast mission Agra 2023 the last full day of surgery

Day 10 – The last full day of surgery

Agra, India

The last full day of surgery is a great success. Many patients have been operated on today with complex burns. The total will be 58 patients with 92 procedures/surgery at the end of the mission. This morning we started with

Mar 22, 2023

Day 9 – a puzzle every day…

Agra, India

Sometimes it is difficult to schedule the operations here in Firozabad. Not because there are no registrations (despite the fact that there may also be some more), but mainly because there are ‘no shows’ and ‘Walk Ins’. If a patient

Mar 22, 2023

Day 8 – start of the second part of the mission…

Agra, India

  This mission is characterized by the many burns and the misery that this brings to their lives daily. We can imagine that the (often painful) scars make it so hard to play and move freely. It makes it difficult

Mar 20, 2023
Rotaplast mission Agra India 2023 - more then lips

Day 6 – Not only “lips”…

Agra, India

Rotaplast not only operates on cleft lips, but also open palates and not to mention scars after burns. The scars are not only painful, but often cause limitations. The scars do not grow. They are not flexible. They become ‘tight’

Mar 20, 2023
Rotaplast mission Agra India 2023 - The dynamic Ward incoming

Day 5 – ‘The Ward’ is a dynamic place

Agra, India

An important and dynamic place during the mission is ‘The Ward’. This is monitored and organized by Agnes. All patients arrive here the day before their planned operation and then spend the night to be ‘seen’ by the doctors in

Mar 18, 2023
Rotaplast Mission Agra India 2023 - first operating day Recoveryroom with smile

Day 4 – First day of creating smiles and changing lives

Agra, India

The Rotaplast team has started to make a first beautiful operation day. Everyone is settled in their place and coordinate the first operations with each other. There are 3 operating tables and with that there is a good ‘hit to

Mar 17, 2023
Pre-clinic at Rotaplast mission Agra India 2023

Day 3 – What you see is what you get: pre-clinic

Agra, India

A campaign has been conducted and that resulted in a lot of registrations. The procedure is this mission according to Covid protocol and that means that an extensive covid test is taken with every applicant / patient. A test that

Mar 16, 2023

Day 2 – Press conference at the Ravi Unity Hospital

Agra, India

At 05:00 we leave from the airport with a bus to the hotel. And after a long drive of 4 hours we arrive there. It is then 09:15 and we first have breakfast. We have a lot of respect for

Mar 16, 2023
Rotaplast mission Agra 2023

Day 1 – On our way

Agra, India

From March 13 to 25, Rotaplast International will again do a medical mission in Agra, India with Rotaplast Nederland. Agra is a district in Uttar Pradesh (a state in India). There are approximately 1.6 million inhabitants, the majority of whom

Mar 4, 2023

DAY TWELVE – Saying Goodbye

Cebu City, Philippines

71 Smiles Saved. 71 Lives Changed. As the patients all came back to the hospital for Post-Clinic, the atmosphere was markedly more upbeat than Pre-Clinic days. Smiles were everywhere — parents, surgeons, nurses, children…even strangers. 42 cleft lip repair and

Mar 3, 2023

DAY ELEVEN – Last Day of Surgeries

Cebu City, Philippines

The Lingo Family Returns On day three, we introduced the Lingo family (As). Today is the last day of surgeries, but the first day of a new life for Aldrich Lingo and his family. This morning, Aldrich and his mother

Mar 2, 2023

DAY TEN – Reunions

Cebu City, Philippines

Reunited On Day Six’s blog, we shared the story about how Tom Fox found 5-year-old Nina playing in an abandoned parking lot and convinced her parents to get surgery for her cleft palate. Tom and Anton asked around the neighborhood

Mar 1, 2023

DAY NINE – A Personal Story

Cebu City, Philippines

Debi’s Diary As the missions official Historian, I’ve been writing thus far in 3rd person. Today’s blog is my own personal story about a 5 year old boy named Joshua who stole my heart. The hospital has no central air

Feb 28, 2023

DAY EIGHT – Milestones & Memories

Cebu City, Philippines

A Milestone Is Celebrated As many Rotarians and Rotaplast volunteers gathered around, Past District Governor Antonio “Anton” Florendo remarks, “This kid right here is Aeron Skyler Tabas. He is one year and five months old and he is the 1,500th

Feb 27, 2023

DAY SEVEN – Greatness & Gratitude

Cebu City, Philippines

We Get Around This morning, the team exited the hotel to find a school bus waiting to take them to the hospital. Just when we thought the bus was full, they started folding down the seats in the aisle to

Feb 26, 2023

DAY SIX – Stories That Matter

Cebu City, Philippines

Lasting Impressions Mission Director, Tom Fox recounted a story from his October 2009 Rotaplast trip to Cebu. It was a Sunday morning, his day off, and he was taking a walk around the city. Along his walk, he passed through

Feb 25, 2023

DAY FIVE – Great Impact Continues

Cebu City, Philippines

Going Home The ward’s Head Nurse provides discharge instructions for all of the families that had surgery yesterday. They are sent home with instructions that correspond with the type of surgery the child had, as there are different instructions for

Feb 24, 2023

DAY FOUR – Let The Surgeries Begin

Cebu City, Philippines

A Bundle Of Nerves Many of these families slept here last night in the humid, stifling heat sharing a cot with their child. This morning, the room is eerily silent as each parent waits for their child’s name to be

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