Rotaplast International does not copy, reproduce, publish, distribute, share or sell personal contact information or description of donation of donor to any outside individual or business. Exceptions shall be those required by law, requested on grant applications, or in connection with bank credit or debit card transactions that may be made without prior knowledge or consent of the donor.

Rotaplast International does acknowledge donors by name and/or description of donation unless the donors have requested anonymity, in certain printed material such as annual reports , the organization’s website, or other means of expressing appreciation for the donor’s assistance.
Rotaplast honors all requests for anonymity.

All donations are treated individually so that multiple donations from a single donor shall receive the same consideration as if each were the first donation received. If a donor chooses to opt out of acknowledgement listings in printed material, the donor’s name and address will be made available only to members and/or staff of Rotaplast International who are responsible for managing the organization’s database.
A printed copy of Rotaplast International’s Donor Privacy Policy shall be mailed to the donor upon request.

The corporation according to the applicable standards of record retention shall maintain all records of donations to Rotaplast International in effect at the time of the donation.

Visitors to the Rotaplast Web site remain anonymous. Rotaplast does not require visitors to register or provide personal information to view the site. There are instances when site visitors are asked for additional information in order to provide requested services. For example, information will be requested when making an online donation to Rotaplast so that the gift may be properly processed and receipted. Rotaplast’s online donors choose the personal information that Rotaplast receives and can opt to remain anonymous. All credit card transactions are conducted over a secure server.

We use a number of web analytics products to optimize our website, including Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer.These tools do not require our site visitors to identify themselves, and they do not provide us any personally identifiable information about our visitors that is not supplied voluntarily. Our goal in using analytics is to understand what parts of our website you like and which parts need work.

We encourage you to accept cookies when surfing our website so we can do our job of providing you useful information as effectively as possible.

Rotaplast welcomes comments and questions about this policy. We are committed to protecting your personal information, and will make every reasonable effort to keep that information secure.