Consuelo is our medical records keeper. She describes her job: "I keep all the records in order and change the skeds when necessary. I also audit the anaesthesia records. The last day is always hardest as you are re-sorting all the files alphabetically. There was an emergency today as one patient who was operated on a couple of days ago fell over and split open his stitches. This meant relocating the file, which was easy enough because I knew who the doctor was. Tomorrow, I will see that all the yellow copies stay with the hospital, and the rest of the copies are returned to Rotaplast.

I also help to print out certificates for the nurse volunteers – this will help them get their foot in the door for future employment. The final step is to do summary reports – how many patients were walk-ins, how many were done in total, the categorization the procedures, and the sum total of the value of the mission. This is done via an Excel Sheet. If there are multiple procedures, the first is amounted at 100%, the second at 50%, etc. Notations are made on the charts by the doctors if they do secondary procedures. Sometimes there are lulls so I try to catch up on other things, but usually there are no lulls.”