Success Stories

Jul 4, 2019

Our first new smile

Apartado, Colombia

Manuel is an energetic 7 month old boy. He has a 2 year old sister that does not have a cleft. His parents heard about Rotaplast from Alexandra, a speech therapist with the non-profit Fundauniban.   M... Read More »

Feb 6, 2016

Chittagong, Bangladesh 2016 – Shiru

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Shiru is the oldest among her three brothers and two sisters. Thirteen years ago, at age nine, she was home alone cooking on an open fire. She got too close and her clothing caught fire. Neighbors came to ... Read More »

Sep 1, 2015

“We will fix that.”

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Lead Anesthesiologist Harmeet Bhullar, takes a long look at 18 year-old Ye Htet Paing’s cleft lip and palate and says, “We will fix that.” The broadest smile comes across his face. Even t... Read More »

Jun 26, 2015

Meet Kokoya

Arusha, Tanzania

Kokoya is from the southern part of the Maasai village of Kisimiti. She is 20 years old and has lived with a uni-lateral cleft lip her entire life.  She is married with two children ages 4 and 1 ½.  Cur... Read More »

Sep 21, 2014

Meet Jons T

Pereira, Colombia

We had a full schedule of 9 procedures today. In addition to cleft lip and palate repairs, the surgeons performed an ear reconstruction, a rhinoplasty and a mandible setback. Jons T is an adorable 21-month... Read More »

Mar 15, 2014

Meet Lian

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Three-month-old Lian and his mom rode in a van filled with over 30 people to be with us on clinic day. Lian’s mom Gloria was beyond happy when she found out that Lian was chosen for surgery for his c... Read More »

Mar 15, 2014

Meet David

Guatemala City, Guatemala

One-year-old David and his mom Dina rode two hours in a bus to be with us on clinic day where everyone fell in love with his adorable personality. Read More »

Feb 27, 2014

Meet Durjo

Chittagong, Bangladesh

  Durjo, 8 years old was born premature. At 7 days old, he was in a hospital nursery along with two other infants, an oxygen mask covering each little face.  One day, the electricity went out w... Read More »

Feb 24, 2014

Meet Fariha

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Fariha is a lovely energetic 4-year-old little girl.  Her young life took a dramatic turn when she was a year old. Like many toddlers learning to walk, Fariha was placed in a baby walker. As her litt... Read More »

Feb 22, 2014

Meet Shiru

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Shiru, 22 stands with her mother in the pre-op ward.  One day when Shiru was 15, she returned home from school and began to cook.  She was alone at the time.  In seconds, kerosene explode... Read More »

Sep 17, 2013

Meet Baby Benetta

Monrovia, Liberia

Benetta Johnson was born with a cleft lip 9 months ago. Her mom left her stranded at the hospital the day she was born because she was ashamed of her. For days the hospital staff searched for her mom but Read More »

Sep 7, 2012

Meet Sangeetha

Karaikal, India

Little Sangeetha came to us one afternoon during a walk in clinic. Sangeetha fit all the criteria for a priority case; cleft lip, less than six years old. By getting the surgery done this young, she’ll g... Read More »

Jul 27, 2012

Meet Luis Carlos

Cumana, Venezuela

Meet young Luis Carlos. Just seven days ago, his mother Vizcaino delivered a still-born baby girl. Despite her own medical needs and emotional heartbreak, she is determined to get her only son Luis to Cuma... Read More »

Mar 19, 2012

Meet Marina

Retalhuleu, Guatemala

In an earlier blog entry I introduced you to Marina. Marina stood out from the crowd because of her beautiful vibrant dress. Marina, age 7 and her father Rolando, age 29 traveled over 9 hours by bus to arr... Read More »

Jul 4, 2011

Meet Ivana

Pereira, Colombia

IVANA BEFORE Ivana's mother, Johana heard that our Rotaplast mission was in Pereira from a friend. She did not have money for the bus fare, and she missed our opening clinic. Johana arrived at the hosp... Read More »

Jun 24, 2011

Meet Livensi

La Romana, Dominican Republic

It's fitting that 5 year-old Livensi is patient #007. With his ready smile, intense eyes, and playful nature, our little James Bond Jr. entranced our group; we swooned over him from the beginning. This... Read More »

Aug 30, 2010

Meet Baby Jayaram

Nagamangala, India

This is the story of the 5-month-old baby boy of Shashikala, the baby with no name. I first saw this family during the clinic where my job was to photograph each patient. The mother was crying uncontrollab... Read More »

Jul 9, 2010

Meet Mennah

Sohag, Egypt

In Egypt, the importance of a beautiful image is not a superficial one; particularly for girls.   In many of the local villages, marriages are agreed upon during adolescence.&... Read More »

Jan 19, 2009

Meet Eladia and Luis

Oaxaca, Mexico

When Eladia brought her son Luis into the pre-op clinic, she caught the attention of the staff because she, too, had a cleft lip and palate. Three-year old Luis’ cleft lip had been treated two years by a... Read More »

Oct 15, 2008

Meet Bernadette

Bago City, Philippines

It seemed that everyone who crossed her path fell in love with her, including Pediatric Nurse Nan Madden.  It was evident that this little girl carried a beautiful spirit and energy. She is 6 years o... Read More »

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Latest From Around The World
Jun 14, 2024

Day 7 – Rotary̵...

Kampala, Uganda

Rotaract member Cathy Lizzie engages two young children in a coloring activity using crayons in the ward. Her warm interaction fosters a comforting environment where children can relax and express themselv... Read More »

Jun 14, 2024

Day 6 – Partnership

Kampala, Uganda

Mission Director Brian Walker stands next to a man who was an electrician before losing both of his hands. Brian holds a prosthetic hand assembled by Rotarians and provided by Odyssey Teams’ Build a ... Read More »