There was excitement in the hospital with a visit from the governor, the lovely Gwen Garcia. For a busy politician, she had plenty of time for the many babies, children, and parents she stopped to comfort and chat to. Ken was interviewed by a local TV host, and then became host himself to the governor when she arrived to view the Rotaplast work. I’ve never been in a scrum before, but quickly got into the excitement of being part of the paparazzi flocking the president. Looking glorious in a pale blue fitted suit and matching high, high heels, the queen-like, model-like, governor arrived in style. We were all impressed with her regal but down-to-earth demeanour. Ken rode down in the elevator with the governor and her body guards. He thanked her for coming and showing interest in what we are doing, and told her that our people really appreciated it. The charming governor replied: “It’s the least I can do for what you are doing for us.”

We had one “ring-in” today, little Froilan Besera, who made Dr. Jed’s list. Again, all went smoothly both in and out of the Operating Room. I caught up with Anne Marie, who had surgery on Saturday, and her young-looking, delightful 46-year-old mom. They were here with Evan, Anne Marie’s year-old son, who was having surgery today. I pointed her out to the governor, and told her what a beautiful voice Anne Marie had. She made a special point of walking to the end of the ward to speak with the family. Again, the Rotarians fed us like kings: siopao (hot bread with pork ), siomai (steamed shrimp dumplings), durian pie, chocolate cake, bud-bud (sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves), grilled tanguigi (a type of marlin smothered in onions), purple sticky rice, corn casserole with spinach, steak with mushrooms, string beans, port buns, mangoes, rambutan … an endless list of delicious Filipino food.