We’ve arrived in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. As this is being written it is 7:30pm or so Tuesday evening. Many are going to a dinner given in our honor by the Governor of this state of Lana.  Grappling with the many boxes was made easier as we had no suitcases.  Maybe tomorrow afternoon they will come….. with a few more boxes. 

The 8 hour bus ride to our destination allowed some time for napping and taking in the beautiful sights and getting to know each other.  The trip to the hospital, which will be filled with people tomorrow, gave us even more of a chance to get to know one another and adjust.  An amazing group of 21 volunteers many of whom had never met, will by tomorrow be a team accomplishing amazing things.

People like Martin, who was hard at work helping transport these all important boxes is an example of why we are here.

Taunted until he was 9 because of a cleft lip and palate, he now, thanks to Rotaplast, is a confident, hard working Rotaplast volunteer and hospital worker.  Shortly after I took this picture of him and Dick Burkhalter pausing to pose, he was delighted to show me the picture he had taken of me!