Bill De Shazo, MD has been involved in many miracles during his life. The photo above captures just one of those many miracles. When Andrea Olivo and her mother heard Rotaplast was in town they were prepared to wait for as long as it took until they could talk with one of the Rotaplast surgeons.  Mother and daughter had lived in Boston for 2 years receiving treatment and trying to find a solution to a medical condition Andrea has had since birth.  The problem was worsening and at this point in time it was very difficult to return to Boston.  ‘Dr. Bill’ happened to be free and patiently answered questions while we found out this lovely 18 year old young woman, though her face was quite distorted, spoke 3 languages fluently and had been taken to Spain to play the violin in Gustavo Dudamil’s orchestra.   During our conversation we also learned her 34 year old brother was now living in Houston.  Is it a coincidence or another miracle that the good doctor went to medical school in Houston and knew the name of the Chief of Plastic Surgery there who could perhaps help with this problem?  With a son living in Houston and a name of one of the best doctors for this condition the mother left with tears of hope, similar to mine, as she gave me a huge hug before leaving.