The Nanjing Team was warmly welcomed by the hospital administration and staff members of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University Tuesday morning. It is an honor for all of the team members to be able to work in such a large (700 bed) teaching hospital.

Tuesday afternoon the doctors and nurses screened patients for surgery. After careful consideration, and in cooperation with our hosts, it was agreed that only two of the patients could not be medically cleared for surgery. Those surgeries will commence Wednesday morning.

Dr Angelo Capozzi, Medical Director, and Mission Director Bill Rowley agreed this trip is an excellent example of the mission of Rotaplast – that this team, made up of medical and non-medical volunteers from four countries, can come to China to help care for the children of Nanjing. There is also an excellent chance to learn, work, and share experience with many of the local physicians training at the hospital. We all look forward to two days of surgery here, and then a move to the city of Siyang where there will be many other patients needing Rotaplast care.