On Monday April 27, volunteers began their journey to Guatemala City. They come from around the United States – California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington State, Florida, Minnesota, New York – and from around the world – Argentina, Canada, The Czech Republic as well as parts of Guatemala. To learn about the volunteers, consult the team page.

Pre-dawn, half of us met at San Francisco. We checked all the medical crates and after a short delay (and some repacking) took off for Dallas.

In Dallas we met many more of the team and after a short delay took off for Guatemala.
In Guatemala we had additional paper work to complete because of feared spread of the Swine Flu. As of this writing we have encountered a serious delay. Our Mission Director Rosalie Wells has learned that the government wants additional customs papers in order to release the thirty some crates of medical equipment we have brought. As of this writing (midnight) Jim Towery and Dave Roberts are still at the airport with our equipment. Our Rotary contact, Carlos, is in contact with the Vice President of Guatemala who should be able to help obtain the release. I am signing off because we are scheduled to head for the hospital at 5 a.m. The volunteers remain upbeat; the adventure has begun.
Please visit www.guatemala2009.comfor more photos and information about individual team members.