The Rotaplast Mission Team arrived at Kathmandu Airport late in the morning of April 6, 2009. The fatigue experienced from the long flights from San Francisco to Korea, Singapore and finally Nepal was quickly dissipated by the anticipation of service to the children of Nepal.
Though our Mission Team Members made it through, a number of boxes of expensive and much needed surgical supplies were seized by customs. Handmade donated quilts from District 5080 were part of the supplies seized. Our bumpy road had started but a sense of optimism overcame the frustration.  In the end, some of the boxes of surgical supplies made it through customs after an agonizingly long negotiation with the head customs official.
The bus trip through Banepa and on to Dhulikhel was either a thrill ride or a frightening experience depending on your perspective. Apparently, there are no rules of the road. All manner of vehicles, animal and pedestrian traffic mingle together in a horn honking well-choreographed flow. The lead bus stalled frequently on the mountain road, spewing dark exhaust into the following bus of team members. Just an additional part of the local ambiance during the trip to our hotel.
The hotel is located on the side of a mountain and from a distance; it fits in well with the terraced landscape. We were greeted warmly by our hosts including a glass of fruit juice, a sprinkle of flowers on our heads, and a red mark on our foreheads. Unpacking and dinner followed. After a wonderful meal, fellowship and a team debriefing, a good night’s sleep was in order.