Many parents do not bring formula to hospital for their babies. And a few days ago the hospital actually ran out of “formula 2” which the team pediatricians recommend. Our audiologist, Richard Riedman, who has been testing the hearing of several children, was asked to find a store and purchase some “formula 2.” Richard walked outside the hospital gates which are posted with soldiers holding AK-47s. He soon found a small store/bar, but it didn’t carry the needed milk, or any milk for that matter.
Three guys were sitting outside the bar drinking beer; they struck up a conversation of sorts with Richard who doesn’t speak much Spanish. When the guys heard about the need of the Rotaplast mission, they called a store owner about a mile away and asked to have the milk delivered to the bar. Meanwhile Richard enjoyed a beer with the men. Richard reports that they kept shaking his hand and voicing their appreciation. And the babies got their milk.